Nicola Baratto & Yiannis Mouravas



Nicola Baratto (Montebelluna IT, 1989) and Yiannis Mouravas (Athens GR, 1986) are an artist duo based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They graduated together at the Dirty Art Department and they are active participants of the Wandering School. Their multi-media work explores the self-devised notion of archaeo-dreaming, a mythopoetic attempt to understand the time we live in, through the act of seeing, wandering and diving into any possible dream-scape. Imaginative relics, historical facts, and future Atlantis merge into one current endeavour: the symbolic quest for invisible vanished artefacts. Their work has been exhibited in Amsterdam, Venezia, Milano, Oranjestad, and Athens.

Future Relics: Mooring Memories, M^C^O, Milano, 2019
Future Relics, NEVERNEVERLAND, Amsterdam, 2018
Shifting Class, Gsus showroom, Amsterdam, 2018
Future Relics, Oranjestaad (Aruba), 2018
Sometimes Archaeology Dreams of Itself, Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, 2018
Westopia, Villa Vertua Masolo, Milano, 2017
Embarking on the Impossible, Krux, Amsterdam, 2017
The Soft Landings, De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam, 2016
The Wandering School, M^C^O, Milano, 2016

Talks and Presentations

Archaeo-dreaming, Palazzo Clerici, Milano, 2018
A Cultural Artefact: A Past, A Present, A future, Ateneo Veneto, Venezia, 2018
The Wandering School - Architecture of Appropriation, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, 2017